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VIDEO – UK Parliament Debate on Hong Kong Handover Agreement

A full video playlist and transcript of Monday’s rare emergency debate in the British parliament.

The meeting, related to a Foreign Affairs Committee inquiry, was called after Beijing indicated that it would block a cross-party group of MPs from visiting Hong Kong.

During the debate, MPs said that the 1984 Joint Declaration, which gave rise to the Handover, remains an active “binding international treaty”. She stated that the agreement must be adhered to and that it did not expire in 1997.

NEWS: Occupy “Shoppers” Give Police The Run Around in Mong Kok 1

Police used batons and pepper spray to clear pro-democracy protesters from a junction in Mong Kok in the early hours of Saturday.

Hundreds of protesters, claiming to be “shopping”, have been gathering east of Nathan Road each evening since Kowloon’s occupy camp was cleared by police on Wednesday.

VIDEO – Smoking Gun: Police Blindly Beat Peaceful Protesters With Batons

Footage has emerged of police using batons against protesters on Friday who were not posing a threat. A video clip uploaded to Facebook today shows police in Mong Kok – under the supervision of Superintendent Paul Renouf – unfurling red warning banners stating “stop charging or we will use force”. Protesters – some huddled behind umbrellas – had their hands up and were not charging police lines.

More footage of police misbehaviour on Friday and Saturday can be viewed here. Photos here.

NEWS – CY Leung Caught Lying in TV Interview 2

Activist and share market analyst David Webb has published a video showing CY Leung directly contracting himself in an ATV interview yesterday. Leung denied ever having indicated to host Michael Chugani that he would seek re-election in 2017. However, footage from January 2013 suggests otherwise…

During the interview (in full below), CY Leung read from a copy of the Basic Law and claimed that foreign powers were “obviously” playing a part in the Umbrella movement. However, Leung refused to provide any evidence of foreign interference, a charge which protest organisers have vehemently denied.