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Video: Chengdu rapper Xie Di takes aim at China’s white expats in ‘Stupid Immigrants’

Chengdu rapper Cai Zhenhong – also known as “Fat Shady” or “Xie Di” – has rallied against foreigners living in China in catchy number entitled “Stupid Immigrants.”

Chengdu rapper Cai Zhenhong

Chengdu rapper Cai Zhenhong. Photo: YouTube screenshot.

Cai seemingly targets privileged white expatriates, with references to English teachers, entrepreneurs and models. Peppered with insults and middle-finger gestures, the lyrics also take aim at women who associate themselves with foreigners.

Video: ‘The best city in the world’: Francis So’s timelapse showcases Hong Kong’s cityscapes

Hong Kong is a city that never sleeps – amidst hectic deadlines and overtime, citizens often struggle to catch their breath.

In his latest production “Escape,” filmmaker Francis So juxtaposes the dull grind of working life with the myriad sights and sounds that the city has to offer.

francis so video

The video features scenes from the city’s busiest districts, in addition to its natural environs, using techniques of timelapse as well as hyperlapse.

“These stunning views of Hong Kong perhaps make itself be the best and happiest city in the world. So why don’t let go yourself from the bustle and hustle then?” writes So.

Video: Hong Kong’s maddening density explored by drone

In Wěndìng Fánróng, Mariana Bisti explores Hong Kong’s maddening density by drone. The 8-minute video was shot by the by London-based Greek photographer and architect during a ten week residency at the Academy of Visual Arts at Baptist University.

Mariana Bisti drone

Photo: Mariana Bisti screenshot.

Video: Reflections on Hong Kong architecture – another stunning tribute to the city from Visual Suspect

Hong Kong-based production company Visual Suspect has produced another stunning and original take on Hong Kong. Theory of Relativity uses no special effects – only stabilisation.

“Reflection in photography is one of the most inseparable tools of the creator, disrupting the reality to create his own world. We screen how these reflections work in video and, more interestingly, in motion,” Yiannis Biliris, of Visual Suspect told HKFP.

Check out their previous video Allegory of the Cave:

The Allegory of the Cave from Visual Suspect on Vimeo.

Video: Cheung Chau festival-goers compete at temple’s lucky ‘rice race’

Every year, Cheung Chau’s Pak Tai Temple distributes free rice on the eve of Buddha’s Birthday. The rice is believed to bring personal safety to recipients.

On Tuesday night, over a hundred people competed to bag a handful of rice outside the temple. A video captured by an audience member showed a chaotic scene as people fought their way to get the rice.

The video, posted on Facebook by Footprint of Cheung Chau, received over 2,000 “shares” and almost 2,000 reactions from fans.

Around 40 police officers were deployed to maintain order during the event. Some of them also took some rice while on duty, Oriental Daily reported.

Video: Trailer released for new ‘Teenager vs. Superpower’ Joshua Wong documentary

A Netflix trailer for a new documentary about Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong has been released.

Joshua Wong

Joshua Wong: Photo: Netflix screenshot.

Joshua: Teenager vs Superpower is set to debut on May 26 – just over a month before the 20th anniversary of the city’s handover to China.

Video: A frivolous, ferocious feathery frenzy – Hong Kong’s 7th Int’l Pillow Fight Day as seen from a drone

Hongkongers of all ages grabbed their pillows and fought a feathery battle in Chater Garden on Saturday for International Pillow Fight Day.

See also: HKFP Lens: Big smiles all round at Hong Kong’s 7th International Pillow Fight Day

pillow fight day

Photo: Cici Leung.

Video: Rapper Iggy Azalea takes over Hong Kong in new, risque music video

Australian rapper Iggy Azalea has “twerked” her way across Hong Kong in a new not-suitable-for-work music video.

The 26-year-old attracted a flood of witty YouTube comments, with one user noting that her latest offering comprised of “99% ass bounce 1% music.”

Another wrote: “25 yrs from now , This song & video will used to illustrate and explain to young Chinese Students of Sociology when they study ‘The Demise of Western Civilization.'”

Iggy Azalea

Photo: Iggy Azalea screenshot.

“Mo Bounce” features on Azalea’s upcoming album, Digital Distortion. The video was directed by Lil Internet.

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Video: The science behind the magic Hong Kong ‘hovercopter’

Last week, a curious video emerged on YouTube, appearing to show a helicopter “floating” elegantly above Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour.

Filmmaker Chris Fay created the illusion after syncing his camera’s frame rate with the rotation speed of the helicopter’s blades to precision.

In other words, if the helicopter blades were spinning at a total of 24 revolutions per second, and Fay’s camera also captured 24 still image frames per second, each of the frames would show the blades in the exact same position.