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Video: Who knew Hong Kong looked like this?

YouTuber Jack Shirley has captured Hong Kong at its most majestic, using a DJI Phantom 3 drone.

“When I moved from London to Hong Kong I assumed it was going to be ‘just another concrete jungle’… how wrong was I?” he wrote.

majestic hong kong

Locations in the video include:

1. Long Ke Wan
2. Tung Lung Chau
3. Kam Shan Country Park (reservoir)
4. Po Toi
5. Cheung Chau
6. Shing Mun Country Park (Reservoir)
7. Park Island
8. Sai Kung
9. Plover Cove Country Park
10. Grass Island
11. Tai O (Fishing village and Infinity Pool)
12. Tung Ping Chau
13. Ma On Shan
14. Brides Pool
15. Tai Ngam Hau (Sai Kung)
16. Discovery Bay
17. Hoi Ha (Sai Kung)
18. Tuen Mun

Video: Asian Americans offer advice to President Donald Trump

Non-profit organisation Asia Society interviewed a range of Asian Americans, asking them to offer their advice to new United States President Donald Trump. Trump has issued a temporary ban on people from seven Muslim countries from entering the United States.

Donald Trump.

Donald Trump. Photo: Gage Skidmore, via Flickr.

Many interviewees alluded to their experiences as immigrants, and urged Trump to work in the interests of all Americans.

“You’re now bigger than the old Donald, and we expect you to be that way,” said one interviewee.

Video: ‘Donald Trump’ and ‘Kim Jong-un’ star in Hong Kong Chinese New Year music video

A Donald Trump doppelganger and Hong Kong’s own Kim Jong-un impersonator hit the headlines this week after they terrified innocent shoppers in Causeway Bay. The terrible twosome were, in fact, in town to record a festive music video with Chris Polanco and Bossa Negra. 

donald trump kim jong un hong kong

The Chinese New Year song “God of Fortune is coming” includes a cameo from a Barack Obama lookalike and is available on iTunes.

Video: ‘Why you have to be liddat’? Catchy Singlish ear worms urge Hong Kong to return military hardware

A Singaporean blogger has amassed over 2,700 Facebook “likes” with a catchy song about the military hardware currently being held by Hong Kong authorities. Mr Brown, who describes himself as a “satirist, writer, lyricist, traveler, actor, podcaster,” urges the return of the Terrex vehicles in the catchy “Singlish” ditty.

Singlish is a popular creole, with unique slang and syntax, based on English.

A shipment of nine Terrex Infantry Carrier Vehicles, and other military hardware, has been held in Hong Kong since November 23 last year. Singaporean Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen has said that the seizure does not comply with international or Hong Kong law.

Video: Taiwanese animators get Donald Trump, Xi Jinping and Tsai Ing-wen dancing

Taiwanese animators have given a cheesy take on the controversial call US President-elect Donald Trump accepted from Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen. The clip shows Trump and Tsai dancing with each other with their phones, as an infuriated Chinese President Xi Jinping shows up with a nuclear bomb.

The video has been viewed more than 198,000 times, shared over 2,300 times and has received more than 2,200 reactions on Facebook as of Friday.

The song is an adaptation of Love for the popular Japanese drama Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu.

Video: Taiwanese animators hand down colourful interpretation of Hong Kong’s oath-taking saga

Confused about Hong Kong’s political crisis? Want to be confused further? Taiwan’s Next Media have released their trademark animated take on the oath-taking controversy featuring Leung Chun-ying being shot out of a cannon and the Youngspiration duo in Bruce Lee outfits. 

Video: ‘Rooftopping’ pair scale Causeway Bay skyscraper and film climb with a drone

A 16-year-old photographer and his friend have scaled the 240 metre Manulife Plaza and filmed themselves with a DJI Phantom 4 drone.

I trust you bro 😋📷 @ahmir_rai

A photo posted by James Sight (@illsight) on

The pair also posted a “tram surfing” video recently.

Disclaimer: “Rooftopping” is dangerous and often unlawful.

Video: Canadian PM Justin Trudeau charms Asian community with mid-Autumn message

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has delivered a Mid-Autumn Festival message to “Canadians of Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese heritage”.

In a statement and video, he said: “To mark this joyous occasion, families and loved ones get together, light colorful lanterns, share traditional mooncakes, exchange greetings and gifts, and admire the spectacular beauty of the full moon.”

See also: In Pictures: ‘Fire dragon’ draws thousands to Tai Hang festival

“This celebration serves as a reminder of the rich and vibrant diversity that is at the core of our country’s identity.”

Video: Japan PM Shinzo Abe emerges from pipe as Super Mario during Rio closing ceremony

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe emerged from a green pipe dressed as Super Mario on Sunday during the closing ceremony of the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

olympics abe

Japan set to host the next games in 2020.

The Olympic flag was officially passed to Tokyo’s governor.

A colourful teaser video included Hello Kitty, Doraemon, Pacman and Abe himself.

Video: Allegory of the Cave – a truly unique, dreamlike Hong Kong timelapse video

Hong Kong-based videographer Visual Suspect presents “The Allegory of the Cave” – a unique timelapse which uses reflection effects.

hong kong timelapse

The Allegory of the Cave refers to a story where prisoners who have been chained in a cave all of their lives have a false sense of reality as they are only able to perceive the world from shadows projected on a wall.

hong kong timelapse