ART – ‘The Sum of All Evil’ – Controversial Chapman Brothers in HK

Hey kids! The Chapman Brothers are coming to town…

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‘The Sum of all Evil’ is part of a series of surreal dioramas and reworked paintings entitled ‘Hell’…

The scenes, created by London-based duo, make up a highly detailed, meticulously crafted miniature landscape referencing historical events and touching on themes such as the holocaust, violence, and death…

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Their controversial work fuses sensitive events, such as the discovery of mass WWII graves, with the branding and symbols of the global fast food chain, McDonald’s…

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‘Hell’ links themes of violence with capitalism and criticise the underlying hypocrisy connected with globalisation…

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The exhibition will be held at White Cube, 50 Connaught Road, Central – open Tuesday to Saturday 11am – 7pm from May 22nd till the end of August.

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Their opening coincides with the re-branded Basel Art HK exhibition.

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