PHOTOGRAPHY – The Half-Submerged Cargo Ship Currently Abandoned off Cheung Chau 7

A half-submerged Vietnamese freighter is currently sat glumly off the coast of Cheung Chau after running aground last month.

hagxjUvl.png (640×324)

A HK URBEX team explored the stricken Sunrise Orient last week…

It was shot with a GoPro HERO 3+ (head), HERO 1 (selfie stick) and a HERO 2 mounted on the DJI Phantom 2…

bPSwRmz.jpg (600×339)


The stricken cargo ship was abandoned by the frightened crew on February 20th, with the captain refusing to return to the vessel to switch off the engine.

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via ‘Come On Charles’ on Flickr

The 89-metre, 2,500 tonne ship drifted for around a kilometre after the 17 crew members were rescued. It eventually settled at the beach off Tung Wan Tsai after tug boats failed to bring it under control.

Sunrise Orient off Cheung Chau

via ‘Come On Charles’ on Flickr

The Marine Department is investigating the incident and an oil slick has been contained. It is thought that cargo had moved on board the ship, causing it to list at a 45-degree angle and take in water.

Sunrise Orient


The Sunrise Orient was carrying 2,800 of cement from Guangdong province to Indonesia and was in Hong Kong waters for refuelling.

Sunrise Orient

via Edwin Lee, Fallout Media

The site is reportedly attracting dozens of photographers, including wedding photographers…

Yz0pkM3l.jpg (640×426)

Via Hsogallery

The ship in happier days, via

SSn3d9A.jpg (486×289)

The rescue, via Felix Wong, SCMP

The incident is reminiscent of a vessel named ‘City of Lobito’  – a much larger cargo ship that was washed up on a Cheung Chau beach after a typhoon in 1983. Click here for more details and photos.

IaVSyDQl.jpg (640×461)

Stay tuned to Hong Wrong next week for photos of an abandoned ‘haunted’ village in deepest, darkest Plover Cove.

Exploring forgotten corners of HK where nature is winning…

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  • John Johnson

    So many interesting articles! I’ll be visiting HK this weekend from Guangzhou. Know if the ship is still stranded? I would love to see it first hand. Thanks in advance!

    • Paul Christensen

      No – it was removed many months ago.