HISTORY – The Day a Cargo Ship Washed up on Cheung Chau Beach

In September, 1983, a Cypriot freighter called ‘City of Lobito’ beached on Cheung Chau island after being washed ashore by Typhoon Ellen. The 6000-tonne cargo ship narrowly avoided smashing into newly built beachside apartments (by just 30 metres).

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Islanders took care of the 21 Filipino crew members until they were repatriated. The shipping company went bankrupt.

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Hong Kong experienced extensive damage with 22 killed or reported missing, 1,600 people made homeless and 277 injured during Ellen. Winds gusted to 134 knots (248 km/h) at Stanley and lasted for 5 hours around Cheung Chau. 22 ships ran aground in the harbor whilst rainfall totaled 231.8 millimetres (9.13 in).

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Some 80,000 households in Kowloon and the New Territories suffered power failure during the T-10 typhoon.

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There were 150 reports of flooding and 250 reports of roads being blocked by fallen trees, collapsed scaffolding, sign-boards and other debris.

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The second tornado ever recorded in Hong Kong, and the first during a typhoon passage, occurred during Ellen.

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It was Hong Kong’s worst typhoon since Typhoon Hope of 1979.

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Insurance claims totalled HK$300million, however – there was some relief. Ellen filled HK’s reservoirs, filling High Island Reservoir for the first time and 11 others around the territory.

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