• POLITICS – Memo an Affront to HK’s Autonomy as New HK Ai Wei Wei Piece Revealed

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    The Apple Daily has published extracts from two confidential memos issued by the Executive Council and Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau. The wording is a direct attack on the ‘One Country, Two Systems’ agreement, suggesting that all local policies must take into consideration the thoughts-and-feelings of the mainland government from June 1st…

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    BadCanto blog declared that ‘Hong Kong is finished’ and has been translating some of the outraged comments online this morning. Many netizens complained of CY Leung’s ‘betrayal’ selling HK out to Beijing:

    zpT9koQ.jpg (317×239)Wow, the government has to consider feelings of the most emotionally fragile race. So, that means nothing can be done!

    Hongkongers are increasingly neglected in Hong Kong. The status of Hongkongers is lower than that of Mainland Chinese invaders.

    As a house owner, surprisingly, one has to constantly worry about feelings of the neighbour…. However, this house is built by Hongkongers…

    Building homes for Hongkongers? Mainland Chinese can’t buy. We’ve to consider their feelings: Chinks first!

    The export restriction on infant formula prevents Mainland Chinese from buying. Mainland Chinese ID card holders buy first!

    Fluent Mandarin speakers can get on the MTR and bus first!

    Hongkongers continue to live with your Lion Mountain Spirit (*Hong Kong version of American Dream) and serve the Chinks!

    Regina Ip, notorious for her promotion of the ill-fated Article 23 (which saw the downfall of the first Chief Executive) has defending the memo’s contents. She stated that it would be understandable for the Hong Kong government to consider Beijing’s reaction to new policies. Pan-democrats said the move would undermine HK’s autonomy.

    It appears CY Leung is adhering to the policy with immediate effect as it was announced that restrictions on milk formula trading would be reviewed in October, after objections by Beijing.

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    The news seals the deal for another record turn out this spring at the 6/4 vigil and July 1st protest.

    It also comes a week before Ai Wei Wei’s new sculpture is unveiled in the city. His latest work relates to the baby milk scandal and is due to go on display on Para Site in Sheung Wan, according to the SCMP. The exhibition is entitled, A Journal of the Plague Year. Fear, ghosts, rebels. SARS, Leslie and the Hong Kong story. It opens next Thursday at G/F, 4 Po Yan Street Sheung Wan…

    Here’s hoping it’s not a giant inflatable tin of baby milk.

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