PHOTOGRAPHY – A Very Political Chinese New Year Fair

The busy Lunar New Year fair in Victoria Park is probably the most politicised yet.

The flower markets, also known as Lunar New Year fairs, run from 13th-19th February at 14 parks and playrounds around Hong Kong.

The main Causeway Bay site in Victoria Park is open from noon till midnight, 13th-18th February and midnight to 6am on the 19th. Entrance is free. The park is less busy during the day time.

Political parties have hired stands to sell merchandise. The Labour Party is selling yellow umbrellas, satirical police warning banners and political darts games.

A lighter shaped like a tear gas cannister is a hit this year.

Punters can purchase a mini-Regina Leung riding atop a lobster tank. Leung, who is married to Chief Executive CY Leung, is commander-in-chief of the controversial Hong Kong Army Cadets.

The League of Social Democrats has set up a dustbin photobooth for those wishing to pay tribute to Lau Kong Wah, the undersecretary of constitutional and mainland affairs. Lau is often known as ‘rubbish bin man’ locally after a photo of a banner featuring his face went viral.

Mainland authorities seized CY Leung-themed toilet paper, which the Democratic Party had hoped would be a money-spinner. Instead, they are selling towels featuring the besieged Chief Executive.

Elsewhere, in a throwback to Occupy, Civic Passion have a created a mechanical Xi Jinping, wielding a yellow umbrella.

CY Leung slippers are available, as well as inflatable barriers at HK$118 each.

The Civic Party has set up a mini-Lennon Wall.

And the Tiananmen Mothers support group are fundraising.

As always, plush versions of anything and everything imaginable are on sale.

Click here for an interactive Google ‘street view’ of last year’s fair.

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