VIDEO – “Guy Steals Girl From Chinese Guy” Viral Video Enrages HK Netizens 18

A viral video shot in Lan Kwai Fong by self-declared ‘professional pick-up artist’ David ‘Bond‘ is causing a colossal storm on Hong Kong’s popular Golden Forum. In the cringe-inducing clip entitled ‘Guy Steals Girl From Chinese Guy‘, ‘Bond’ encourages a friend to ‘steal’ a local girl from another guy, who stands oddly motionless as the sorry ‘trumping’ unfolds. The video has been watched over a million times and attracted equal disapproval on Reddit.

The women involved were subsequently ‘human flesh searched’ and their names/photos appeared on several Facebook groups and pages. With pitchforks primed, netizens were also able to find out the real name and birthplace of ‘Bond’.

David Bond

David ‘Bond’ – recipient of the Hong Wrong Villain Seal of Disapproval and latest inductee to the Hall of Shame.

The man himself entered the debate on Reddit posting a screenshot of his ‘conquests’ folder on his PC. He also posted a sarcastic video response to those objecting to his use of supposedly ‘hidden cameras’. The incident has also spawned a blog and Facebook campaigns.

In another since-removed video hosted on his YouTube account, he is seen using his ‘pick-up skills’ in Japan, though his advances are not always welcomed…

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