VIDEO – “Guy Steals Girl From Chinese Guy” Viral Video Enrages HK Netizens 18

A viral video shot in Lan Kwai Fong by self-declared ‘professional pick-up artist’ David ‘Bond‘ is causing a colossal storm on Hong Kong’s popular Golden Forum. In the cringe-inducing clip entitled ‘Guy Steals Girl From Chinese Guy‘, ‘Bond’ encourages a friend to ‘steal’ a local girl from another guy, who stands oddly motionless as the sorry ‘trumping’ unfolds. The video has been watched over a million times and attracted equal disapproval on Reddit.

The women involved were subsequently ‘human flesh searched’ and their names/photos appeared on several Facebook groups and pages. With pitchforks primed, netizens were also able to find out the real name and birthplace of ‘Bond’.

David Bond

David ‘Bond’ – recipient of the Hong Wrong Villain Seal of Disapproval and latest inductee to the Hall of Shame.

The man himself entered the debate on Reddit posting a screenshot of his ‘conquests’ folder on his PC. He also posted a sarcastic video response to those objecting to his use of supposedly ‘hidden cameras’. The incident has also spawned a blog and Facebook campaigns.

In another since-removed video hosted on his YouTube account, he is seen using his ‘pick-up skills’ in Japan, though his advances are not always welcomed…

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  • Squattin Cassanova
  • AmyKwong

    That drunk guy is not the girl’s BF, what is David’s mentality inside by taking all those video shows jealous, hate to Asian males.

  • AsianUnity

    This video not only degrades asian women but also insults asian men.

    • Ethan Matthews

      yes, as it should be

  • AsianUnity

    You know what would be great. If he does this to an asian guy and his girlfriend I hope someone out there will knock his face over and video record it for the whole internet to see. Asian women will not be seen as sexual objects and be harass like that. Any asian guy looking at this now. Be famous and record it. Also, asian women show how truly a pig this guy is.

    • Ryan Chuan Ding

      We should do the same thing to their bitches in the US as revenge.

      • Ethan Matthews

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  • Tee Kei

    He’s also a racist towards asians ironically and unsurprisingly. look what he taught his niece.

  • the worst in that is why this guy never punch him tha face right! another problem with this article and all the sharing of this stupid video…its this guy only searching to be a youtube star and its succeed great. he got million view and 2500 plus subscriber…Simple solution next guy happen this just punch him solid…he should try this in Thailand, England or Canada i guess got some enormous problem and headache

  • Tee Kei

    someone please restore the facebook campaign it was taken down

  • Nine Dragon Soul
  • Simon

    If he pulled this shit in my town in England i’d knock the little rat faced cunt out quick sharp.

  • John Smith

    His pansy friend Alex’s pic

  • Lucy Clothing

    If this gets Asian guys made, how about if we did it to them? Here’s a Chinese guy stealing a girl from a white dude:

  • DavidCampbellCreep

    I used to work with this guy a long time ago. When he was in high school, he liked to trick girls into infecting their computers with a virus that would allow him to remotely control the workstation. He was very proud of this and even had photos of some of his victims that he stored. He also would routinely comb through clients workstations when they brought them in to be repaired hoping to find nude pictures / videos. Fucking creep.

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