‘NEWS’ – Update: Giant Duck Finally Succumbs to Lung Cancer 11

eycwfAr.png (258×73)Update from the Hong Wrong Sub-Standard: Following last week’s exclusive report on the health of the Giant Rubber Duck in Victoria Harbour, the inflatable pontoon has finally succumbed to HK’s pollution and met its grizzly demise. Caution: Hong Kongers may find the following images upsetting…

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Paramedics were on site equipped with puncture repairs kits, however, they were unable to revive the plastic plaything. The city has declared three days of mourning…

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The bath time favourite’s final words were simply to insist that reports of his previous racist remarks were, quote,  ‘over-inflated’.

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One hawker peddling plastic toy ducks at the scene tearfully said, ‘I ordered 30,000 of these bastard things from Shenzhen, what the hell am I meant to do now?’…

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Image via Rosa de Acosta/The Wall Street Journal

Several devastated onlookers stated that they felt ‘let down’, no longer had anything to live for and cannot recall what life in HK was like before the duck arrived…

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The giant duck is dead. Long live the giant shit.

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More breaking news from the Sub-Standard:

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