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Hong Wrong’s 500th post takes the form of an appeal… If you have enjoyed this blog over the past couple of years, please send a few bucks to ICM. Whilst International Care Ministries are a faith-based NGO, they are an excellent example of a sustainable, grassroots charity and have been working in poor, rural areas of the Philippines since 1992. They are Hong Kong based and do not prosthelytize. You can donate (by card, cheque or bank transfer) instantly and receive a tax rebate.

Over 10,000 people have died around Tacloban city in the Philippines and the ongoing situation has been described by the Red Cross as ‘absolute bedlam‘. 4.3 million people have been affected.

ICM are in it for the long haul and will be working with the poorest-of-the-poor long after emergency responders disappear.

Follow ICM on Facebook… Hong Wrong is kicking off donations with HK$1000 today from accumulated ad revenue and will add another HK$100 for each proof-of-donation emailed to the blog.

You can also give to the following charities, all of whom are already on the ground (many responding to October’s earthquake which rocked the long-suffering nation)…

Also providing support:TK9hz.gif (500×281)

For a very comprehensive list of global and smaller initiatives active on the ground, click here.

UNICEF has reminded donors that clothing and other items are not required – what is needed is money.

This Saturday, there will be a fundraiser gig in aid of typhoon victims. Click here for FB event.


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Next Tuesday, there will be a comedy night in aid of ICM. Acts include Vivek Mahbubani, Jim Brewsky, Pete Grella, Ryan Hynek, Sean Hebert, Gary Stephen Jackson and it will be hosted by Jami Gong…

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Let’s stop being dicks for 4 seconds… The people of the Philippines deserve the support of Hong Kongers now.

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People Power’s Albert Chan Wai-yip called the vote, via SCMP.

Whilst over ten thousand people were being crushed by debris and condemned to a watery death in the Philippines, HK’s lawmakers simultaneously vowed to punish each and every Filipino for a random lone-wolf terror incident 3 years ago. New visa restrictions approved by legislators will harm HK more than the Philippines. The vote was a populist attempt to distract attention from the HKTV debacle, assert our superiority and appease a thirst for blood money.

But not to worry, the Standard’s disgraceful troll-in-chief Mary Ma laments the inconvenient devastation unfolding by reminding us that the “storm relief and the Manila hostage-taking tragedy are totally separate issues”. Thus, we can continue to bully this poor nation and celebrate our self-importance.

HK’s middle-class are reliant on Filipino domestic labour and they remain the city’s largest ethnic minority. However, despite calls from President Aquino for urgent help, there has been radio silence from the HK government – zero aid, no support and not a cent from our bulging coffers has been pledged. Nothing but a six-line press release from CY Leung – a gesture which is as brief as it is meaningless.

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Update: HK is now ‘processing‘ Manila’s aid request and CY Leung will consult LegCo on Friday – almost a week after the disaster and days after emergency aid was requested. The UK, US, China and Australia have already made pledges. Fundraising efforts in HK have been led by the Philippines consulate and domestic helpers.

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A thank you to reader, Lara Light, for suggesting this appeal.

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