PHOTOGRAPHY – Dorason’s Hong Kong Public Housing Photography

Dorason is a Hong Kong-based ‘post-90s’ photographer.

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Today, he shares his photos of Oi Man public housing estate with Hong Wrong. Dorason uses a Canon prosumer G1 X MarkII.

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Dorason told HongWrong that he thinks public housing estates will disappear under urban renewal efforts. “I’m trying to capture its face and beauty as much as I can. To leave a picture for those who have never visited Oi Man, and for those who were born at a moment when Oi Man no longer exists on the map,” he said.

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Dorason has also photographed some of the former ‘Occupy’ sites. He wanted “to present the everyday and ordinary face of occupied zone once umbrella movement ended and ask everyone questions: “Do you remember?” and “Is it over?””

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