NEWS – Gov’t Shuts Down Suspect Maid Agency After Complaints

The Labour Department confirmed last week that the ‘Foreign Domestic Workers Association of America’ maid agency has had its licence revoked.

earl bagley

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The move comes following a complaint by a local domestic worker NGO and an investigation by Hong Wrong. 

The agency was run by an American ex-fugitive named Earl Bagley who promised local domestic workers lavish new lives in Las Vegas if they join his ‘membership club’ and wait up to four years. The Labour Department said Bagley was “not a fit and proper person for operating an Employment Agency” 

It is unclear if Bagley is still in Hong Kong, but the US Department of Justice website confirms that he has been in violation of sex offender registry requirements for almost a year.

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A spokesperson for the Labour Department said licences can be revoked if an operator “has been convicted of an offence involving membership of a triad society, fraud, dishonesty or extortion, or, for any other reason, he is considered not a fit and proper person to operate an EA.”

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