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A governance activist has revealed how Elizabeth Quat 葛珮帆博士, a Justice of Peace and politician for the pro-Beijing DAB party obtained her three ‘degrees’ from an apparently dodgy ‘diploma mill‘ university. Quat is a member of several corporate and government boards but claims to have obtained a degree, masters and PhD from “Greenwich University, Hawaii” (not to be confused with Britain’s legitimate University of Greenwich).

Elizabeth Quat

Elizabeth Quat flying in the face of controversy

A diploma mill is an an unaccredited higher education institution offering fake qualifications for a fee. Incorporated in 1990, Greenwich University (which moved to Norfolk Island in 1998) never received accreditation from any recognised American body and was seemingly run from incredibly modest headquarters…

Greenwich University

Greenwich University’s website and HQ in the 90s, a la Google Maps – seems legit.

In 2002, the Sydney Morning Herald declared the school a ‘degree mill’ in a story entitled ‘Click Here for Your PhD‘, whilst some regional educational regulators around the world have made it illegal for anyone to claim they bear awards from the entity.

IAiDfBH.png (772×313)

Biography, via Hong Kong’s ‘it20.org’ website

In 2002, a change in Australian law (which Norfolk Island is liable under) forced the ‘university’ to close, though its ‘president‘ set up a similar, new Hawaiian entity called ‘Akamai University‘ immediately after its closing.

Douglass Capogrossi

“University” “president” Douglass Capogrossi in Vietnam in 2011

Ms Quat (FB page) did not respond to Webb’s request to see copies of her qualifications. An similar complaint made by Webb in 2005 against LegCo member Philip Yu Hong Wong led to a new clause being included in LegCo guidelines stating that members ought ensure personal information is “correct and true”. LegCo decided the case against Wong was beyond their jurisdiction, claiming ethical guidelines were ‘unenforceable’ with regards to his case.

David M. Webb, a retired investment banker and governance activist. A full breakdown of his investigation is available on his Webb-site.com portal.

David Webb, Hong Kong

David Webb, via SCMP

Shares in pitchfork manufacturers rose on today’s news, as Hong Kongers pondered when Ms Quat will offer to quit.

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