EVENT – Film Makers & NGOs Unite To Reveal Hidden Side of HK

For Good: Film Project consists of five film makers who, with NGOs, make visible the hidden sides of Hong Kong.

An exciting première was held at the Asia Society Hong Kong Centre’s Miller Theatre in February. Film makers were present for a lively discussion of their personal styles and motivations, as well as how each film developed from idea to finished product. The discussion included the social issues raised in each film, why they matter, along with ways in which all of us can make a difference.

For Good: Film Project Exhibition

Now, the films have been packaged in a unique way to give the public an opportunity to watch, learn, and support. Thanks to sponsors, The Good Lab, Lenovo, and MakerBay, there is a second opportunity to view these social films. Each showcases a different social issue affecting Hong Kong such as environmental protection, community building through Yum Cha, refugee rights, sexual education, and independence for the visually impaired.

Meet the film makers for frank discussions about the production process and the social issues that inspired them. Discover new meanings and connections along with steps each viewer can take in their own lives. And if you are inspired to want to get involved, For Good is looking for more artists, NGOs, and sponsors that are interested to be part of this movement. Both narrative and documentary styles are represented.

From now till April 30th,  2015. Register for visits, weekdays 6-10pm and weekends/holidays 1-7pm. Celebration party April 11th, 2-6pm.

Register here.

Films will be screen in unique film tents designed and built with MakerBay. The tents are constructed of bamboo and polycotton and can hold up to 4-6 people for each screening. The films will be screened using Lenovo’s cutting-edge Yoga Tablet 2 Pro which includes a built-in projector that gives you a theatre-like experience.

Check out the website for more information and details about the films, the film makers, the NGOs, the project, and this event.