PHOTOGRAPHY – Harold de Puymorin’s Surreal HK ‘Inception’ Series 2

HK-based Frenchman Harold de Puymorin (aka HDP) specialises in street photography and portrait work. His latest collection is called ‘Inception’…

He also produces artwork, travel photography and dibond prints with a focus on Asian cities.

QjBXf6n.jpg (720×480)

Prints in various formats can be purchased from HK$2000. You can see his and purchase variations of each piece on his portfolio. You can also follow HDP on Facebook and Twitter.

“Between chaos and beauty, confined areas and spaces Asian’s cities are full of paradoxes and contrasts… By using different photographic techniques, HDP displays his own interpretation of such phenomenon”

Video via Sharp Daily…

HDP’s work debuted at the recently reopened XXX Gallery this week…

hpRj1zL.png (710×336)

Some more of his previous HK-related work…

C7V0pRdl.jpg (640×426)

iZ2ZYcdl.jpg (640×426)

m8ztCnel.jpg (640×426)

aJ6FQW4l.jpg (640×426)

a8Gnbl3l.jpg (640×426)

Aside from ‘Inception’, his latest collection also reminds us of Eskmo’s video ‘We Got More’ – animated by Cyriak Harris…

Click here for a collection of Hong Kong desktop wallpapers. You may also enjoy…

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