BLOG – Heroes & Villains: Chan Chung-lam & Mr Zheng

Hong Wrong hereby announces the first ‘Heroes & Villains’ bout, recognising the best and worse our city has to offer…

Chan Chung-lam is officially a Hong Kong hero… Last week, he found a plastic bag containing around HK$74,000 in cash on a bus. It had been left behind by a 26-year-old pub manager who fell asleep on the 68X from Yuen Long to Mongkok. Chan, 60, picked up the bag, called 999 and cooperated with the police to ensure the money was returned to its rightful owner.

The first dubious ‘Hong Kong villain’ seal of disapproval is awarded to Mr Zheng, who has been accused of blackmailing a local travel company after becoming hysterical whilst awaiting a coach. Tears rolled down his cheeks as he spoke of his plight in front of the press yesterday – apparently, his family were forced to wait for up to 2 hours. Sobbing, he demanded 3 more nights in HK (which he vowed ‘never to return’ to again) and HK$3000… The company eventually caved, giving his family HK$2000, an extra night in HK and tickets to Macau to allay his terrible suffering.

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