BLOG – How to Tell the Time from the HK Skyline

Photographer Patrick Beekers explains how onlookers can tell the time (albeit very roughly, to an interval of 15-minutes) simply by glancing at Central Plaza. The building was completed in 1992, features 78 floors and remains the city’s third tallest skyscraper. It also contains the world’s highest church…

“The part of the summit between the roof and the mast itself functions as a clock; incorporated in the mast’s four spandrel neon bands is a high-tech and high-profile lighting system that changes colouring in a regular sequence every quarter of an hour.

The system works according to a six-hour colour cycle (6pm and 12am: red, 7pm and 1am: white, 8pm and 2am: purple, 9pm and 3am: yellow, 10pm and 4am: pink, and 11pm and 5am: green); every quarter of an hour one neon band changes its current colour to the one of the next hour, so for instance 6,30 pm would have two red bands (lower ones) and two white ones (upper).”

The following chart comes courtesy of Redditor carpediem

7tNqpl.png (640×320)

6Ijiu.png (422×525)

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