PHOTOGRAPHY – Hong Kong Above the Clouds

Some unusual shots of Hong Kong from a new point of view – above the clouds…

Click to enlarge. By HangGraffiti

cWoJyS8l.jpg (640×411)

Click to enlarge. Shot from the ICC.

rtVeaS3l.jpg (640×427)

By Tony Poon

zo8kJl.jpg (640×640)

Click to enlarge

pwUIhp2l.jpg (640×640)

Click to enlarge. By TGKW on Flickr.

bO9a8lQl.jpg (640×484)

HK and the Pearl River Delta. By Andrew Yee.

k0Lb9uZl.jpg (640×424)

By Pete Finlay.

Ypq1sIOl.jpg (640×480)

via Wikicommons.

225wjoFl.jpg (640×358)

Click here and scroll down for some high-resolution Hong Kong desktop wallpapers.

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