POLITICS – Full Lowdown: Thousands of Bigoted Homophobes Gather for Demo 19

Thousands of Hong Kong Christians were unified in intolerance yesterday as they demonstrated against homosexuality at government headquarters…

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Hatefest 2013, via Ray Chan Chi Chuen on FB

The SCMP and Standard reported today that the dreadful Evangelical Free Church of China Yan Fook organised the “Inclusive Love Praying Concert” – which clearly was neither inclusive nor loving.

The right-wing bi-lingual ‘megachurch’ has a 10,000-strong congregation and was founded in the mid-80s. Ultra-wacky conservative Christian pressure/hate group, the Society for Truth and Light, were also in attendance. The group previously spent HK$1million to educate the HK public about the “scientific and social research” which proves homosexuals are ‘invalid’ purveyors of STDs. Quite.

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The Evangelical Free Church of China Yan Fook

Organisers estimated that 50,000 attended whilst police put the figure at 5,000. On this occasion, Hong Wrong is happy to side with the police estimate.

The Christian groups were concerned that legal protection for the gay community would restrict their freedom to spew hateful nonsense… “If this becomes the law, those who oppose homosexuality will have their freedom of speech restricted” reckoned Reverend Jayson Tam, who led the rally to protect freedom of expression (and it definitely, definitely wasn’t because of their disdain for gays or anything like that).

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‘Raise your hand if you’re a bigot!’… via South China Morning Post

To the sound of miniature violins, Tam went on to lament the supposed inevitability of ‘reverse discrimination’ against the ever-oppressed Christian religious sect. Meanwhile, 55-year-old attendee Wong Man-leung was concerned that he might accidentally-on-purpose say something hateful… “I respect [gay people]. But I may be in trouble if I carelessly say something wrong about them.”

Ann Chan, 22, said “I don’t want the legislation as homosexuality goes against our Christian values.” Chan, who takes her Biblical texts very seriously, is also careful to avoid ham, rounded haircuts, tattoos, men with injured genitals, fortune tellers, gossip, shrimp, lobster and pre-marital sex – all of which are also banned by the outdated best seller.

At one point during the rally, members of Hong Kong Rainbow Center entered Tamar site with signs supporting equal rights for the LGBT community. They were quickly cordoned off…

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A counter protest supporting equal rights and common sense is quickly suppressed, via Apple Daily

GayStar News suggested that some protesters had little clue why they were there and were manipulated into attending. One woman feared her spa business would lose money, believing the anti-discrimination law would force her to charge men and women equal prices for beauty treatment.

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via Passion Times

Meanwhile, a group of around 50 Christians from a church in Jordan held a counter-rally against ‘dogmatic’ persecution’, denouncing Yan Fook Church…

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Christians actually being Christian at a small counter-rally for tolerance and inclusion, via Apple Daily

In November, the homophobic Legislative Council voted down a motion to consult the public over giving people-who-love-each-other some basic protection in the workplace. Legislators compared equal rights for gays to bestiality and incest, catapulting HK’s political discourse back to the Middle Ages, counter to trends across the civilised, developed world.

CY Leung is due to make a statement about the issue on Wednesday.

Click here for more on HK’s stone-age attitudes/laws regarding the LGBT community and equal rights.

Update: CY Leung confirmed on Wednesday that there will be no public consultation with regards to protecting LGBT people from discrimination.

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Hong Kong’s LGBT community…

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