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Hong Kong has just one athlete at the 2014 Sochi Olympics – a male short track speed skater named Pan-To Barton Lui. Unfortunately, his achievement was somewhat overshadowed by a convincing flag mix-up hoax. The screenshot below went viral today, no doubt to the delight of the post-80/90s protest movement…

RR8dvoOl.jpg (640×361)

However, TVB and Oriental Daily reported that the image was – in fact – photoshopped…

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Lui grew up in Sai Wan Ho but moved to Vancouver as a teenager due to an absence of local training venues. There are also several officials attending as part of the Hong Kong delegation…

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After his time in Canada, Lui trained in China and South Korea before joining Hong Kong’s official skating team in 2008…

5LHDsg9.jpg (486×302)

Barton Lui at the World Cup in Kolomna, Russia, last year – via SCMP

This is the fourth Winter Olympics Hong Kong has competed in…

Despite its usually humid climate, the Fragrant Harbour is currently colder than the Russian host city…

7CB6Bxv.png (276×131)

jgqlVb5l.jpg (640×398)

An artist’s impression of how the city feels at the moment.

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