NEWS – Hong Kong Free Press Crowd-Funding Smashes Record 3

Hong Kong Free Press has broken records to achieve its initial crowd-funding goal within 48 hours. Today, HKFP surpassed the HK$200,000 mark. report that this is the fastest they have seen a campaign reach their target.

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This original target was set to sustain HKFP throughout the two-month start-up period with minimal staff. Further contributions will strengthen its independence, help HKFP to kick-off stronger and will bolster its capacity to provide a much-needed credible news source for Hong Kong.

The crowd-funding campaign will continue until June 8th. Every HK$50,000 provides the basics for HKFP to survive for an extra month, support an extra reporter and build audience in order to become self-sustaining.

“This groundswell of grassroots support proves there is a great appetite for an alternative news source in Hong Kong,” said co-director Tom Grundy.

Local media content-sharing partnerships:

Hong Kong Free Press

HKFP is also pleased to reveal local content-sharing partnerships with Stand News,, EJInsight and Global Voices. The informal agreements with other media outlets will allow them to share key content between their platforms on a story-by-story basis. The arrangement will also speed up the process of breaking news in English.

HKFP looks forward to establishing other partnerships in keeping with its aim to become the first truly local and independent English news source in Hong Kong.

HKFP’s contributor community:

Over 40 citizen contributors and NGOs have jumped on board with HKFP to provide content on a variety of topics. Contributions will also be made by academics Suzanne Pepper, Surya Deva & Dan Garrett. More writers are to be announced soon.

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