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Today, we are launching a crowd-funding campaign for Hong Kong Free Press a new progressive, not-for-profit, independent news source for the city.
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Hong Kong Free Press is a new, English language news source seeking to unite critical voices and provide quality analysis and credible reporting on local and national affairs. Free and independent, HKFP arrives amid rising concerns over declining press freedom in Hong Kong and during an important time in the city’s constitutional development.

Launching in June, 2015, HKFP strives to bridge the gap between Chinese and English reporting while providing a platform to raise global understanding of Hong Kong and China issues.

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  • An urgent need: Reporters Without Borders, the Committee to Protect Journalists, theInternational Federation of JournalistsHong Kong Journalists Association and Pen Americahave all reported on the recent decline of press freedom in Hong Kong. With attacks on journalists, advertisers withdrawing from media critical of the establishment along with the existential pressures facing the wider industry, it is evermore vital that the territory has an independent platform for critical voices to be heard.
  • An opportunity: Press freedom concerns are even more defined among English media as there is little competition and less incentive to innovate. Hong Kong is not subject to stringent censorship laws seen in the mainland and English writers have a wider international reach and are less vulnerable to attack. In the first-and-last free corner of China, there is a thirst for brave, independent journalism that few are exploiting.
  • A platform for post-Occupy Hong Kong: In addition to highlighting the lack of plurality in the local media landscape, the Umbrella Movement protests exposed a gap between the Chinese and English media. Some stories, themes and angles featured in the Chinese media were missed or ignored by the English press – other stories took days to be reported on. A free, unfiltered online English news source that bridges this gap is overdue.
  • Hong Kong Free Press: HKFP will capitalise on the surplus of journalistic talent in Hong Kong, providing a platform for well-known contributors and fresh talent, as well as being a hub for citizen journalism in Asia. Using a mixture of funding methods, we aim to create a sustainable not-for-profit business. 

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The HKFP website has a modern, secure and responsive design. Beautiful on any device, with infinite scrolling and built-in options for charts, tabs, quote boxes and full-width image galleries. HKFP is secured with Cloudflare protection and will be the only news outlet in Hong Kong with an encrypted channel for whistle-blowers.

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With a fast, visual, multimedia design, HKFP will launch with a focus on local breaking news and will showcase original, translated and viral content while providing a direct platform to expert voices, citizen contributors, NGOs and advocacy groups.

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Crowd-funding: The team has secured office space and is now crowd-funding via Starting on May 10th, the all-or-nothing campaign aims to raise HK$150,000 in 30 days. Funds will be used to sustain a team of journalists during the start-up period. A range of rewards are available for backers.

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Donate here. If you would like to become a citizen contributor, or if you have tech, accountancy or fundraising expertise and can volunteer your skills, please contact us.

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