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As you work your way around Hong Kong’s country parks, trails and hiking routes, grab your energy drink and play the Official Hong Kong Hiking Drinking Game as you inevitably encounter the following sights and curiosities…

Umbrella in the Sun – 2 shots

Pet Dog – 2 shots (extra shot if dog in baby back carrier)

White People – 2 shots (N.B. White people are concentrated on the Dragon’s Back route – it’s the only hike they know)

Overly-Prepared Panda – 2 shots (i.e. hurling gear intended for Everest during a gentle stroll around Lugard Rd)

Visor – 1 swig (extra swig if complete with mosquito net)

Extremely Rambunctious Mainland Tour Group – 1 swig (Mostly Lantau phenomena)

Fashion Show – 1 swig

Annoyingly Attractive ABC Couple in Trailwalker T-Shirts Easily Outpacing You – 1 swig

Nuclear Fall-out / Bee-keeper Costume – 2 swigs

Observed by

Shirtless Leather-skinned 147-year-old Local Dude with 6-Pack & 0% Body Fat Easily Outpacing Your Pathetic Sweaty Frame – down half

Hiker with Radio Blaring Cantonese Opera or Old Skool Patriotic Songs – down half (then hurl remainder at said hiker)

Track-suited Tai Tais in a tour group with umbrella and double hiking sticks – neck it

Bonus shots available for:

  • Monkeys.
  • These bastards.
  • Receiving a nod / ‘lay-ho’ from fellow hiker. More rural = more likely.

Please add any other suggestions in the comments section below.


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