ART – HK Inspired Art Projects

Two interactive art installations featuring more than a whiff of the Fragrant Harbour are currently on display outside of the city’s borders…

VSh8w.jpg (540×360)

…The first, in Germany, is ‘The Global Pursuit of Happiness‘, or: ‘The Army of Luck‘ by Nina Martens…

fYxyz.jpg (540×360)

… The golden army of lucky money cats is linked up to a computer which allows them to perform North Korea-esque unified waving and feline mexican waves….

4LLB1.jpg (540×360)

…The set-up is somewhat reminicent of Sha Tin’s 10,000 Buddha’s Monastery and features 520 Japanese XXL plastic cats, which remain kitsch tourist favourites on Temple Street’s Night Market….

6cz31.jpg (547×360)

The second, ‘Transform Bar’, is by Hong Kong artist Kacey Wong.

AQZmx.jpg (540×360)

It is a take on HK’s street food hawkers. Hawkers were once commonplace though many still depend on their mobile stalls after the 1980s crackdown. The planter boxes on Wong’s installation feature wheat grass plants – a healthier street food option…

FOR4I.jpg (540×412)