PHOTOGRAPHY – ‘1 Year in Hong Kong’ by Brian Yen

Brian Yen has been photographing Hong Kong for six years. His long exposure series captures bright, cultural and festive scenes that epitomise the busy populated metropolis that is our city. He is planning a photobook depicting a year in HK.

More of his photography can be found on his Flickr page and click here for an earlier Hong Wrong post on his work which reflects a less glamorous side of the Big Lychee…

P4WEul.jpg (640×390)

wwUqUl.jpg (640×240)

uZAO2l.jpg (640×427)

3gYB4l.jpg (640×427)

mibzFl.jpg (640×498)

o3HNh.jpg (685×1024)

qtCgc.jpg (683×1024)

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tvVzHl.jpg (640×407)