BLOG – Shots from Hong Kong’s 2014 Pet Show

Hong Kong’s 3-day ‘Pet Show’ event took place over the weekend. Iris Leung of HKU’s JMSC paid a visit for Hong Wrong.

Hundreds of pet owners and animal lovers poured into the Wan Chai Exhibition Centre in celebration of their fluffy domestic friends.

Pets were treated as royalty as swarms of ‘paparazzi-like’ Hong Kongers fawned over pure bred beauties such as a pair of father and son Tibetan Mastiffs, red Siberian Huskies and a trio of Corgis…

Secondary to the doggy frenzy was the cat competition where beautifully groomed felines were judged by experts in front of a small, but adoring crowd…

Beyond dodging piles of poop, one has to wonder if a dog’s place is really in a stroller…

The weekend also encompassed a rabbit show and the Hong Kong Kennel Club’s All Breeds Championship dog show.

LKzNXhQl.png (640×326)

via Xinhua

In a city where dogs, in particular, are often status or fashion symbols, the theme of this year’s event was ‘love and respect’.

pKXbhQ5l.png (640×320)

via Zhang Yu, China News Service

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via Zhang Yu, China News Service

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via Xinhua

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via Xinhua

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via Zhang Yu, China News Service

Though the show attracted many reputable breeders and companies, illegal breeding and mistreatment are not uncommon in Hong Kong. ‘Puppy farms’ and unregulated ‘hobby breeders’ often cause misery for thoroughbred dogs, causing disease and behavioural problems in the pursuit of profit…

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