BLOG – Behold: Epic Hong Kong Piano Boy

5-year-old child prodigy Andy Lee is going viral in HK and worldwide on Andy even has his own Facebook fan page and can also play the drums.

His father motivates him by awarding points, though not everyone agrees with his approach.

Translation of video:

Father: Play Flood again and you get 5,000 points.

Child: (gasps) Wow!

Father: Come on, show some emotion

Child: So I have 4,000 points now, right?

Father: Yes, come on

Child: Wow!

Father: Control you excitement, control your excitement…it’s a very moving [piece]…you have to hit those keys HARD…let’s go.

Child plays piece

Father: (whispers) Air, play that and you get 7000 points, come on Air!

Child: (gasps, excitement)

Child plays piece

Father: (whispers) 7000 points now

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