EVENT – UNLEASH THE PILLOWS! Saturday 4pm: Pillow Fight Day 2015

Prithee once more, we shall unleash our cushiony wrath in a ferocious feathery frenzy! For lo – with great vehemence and spirited fury – we shall prepare our fleecy headrests and pronounce: “You can take our freedom, but you cannot take our pillows!”

The unofficial ringmaster strikes an unfortunate pose,via landofnocheese.com

5000+ invited, 2000 confirmed. This Saturday, April 4th 2015 at 4pm – a public holiday!

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  • Bring your own pillow with case (no feathers!). And for the love of Jesus, take it easy. 請自備枕頭並枕頭套(謝絕羽毛枕頭)請不要太大力
  • No swinging at people without pillows or with cameras. 不能對手無寸鐵或攜帶相機的人作出攻擊”
  • Extra points for hilarious costumes. PYJAMAS AT LEAST! 穿得越特別越好,至少穿上睡衣作戰!”
  • Wait until the signal to begin. 抵達後,聽到信號先開始
  • Please be a good citizen: bring a plastic bag & help clean up afterwards! 請攜帶一個垃圾袋, 做一個好公民, 互相廝殺後, 請清理任何留下的垃圾

Meet at Chater Garden, Central – MTR exit J2…

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Previous events: 2011 coverage, 2012 coverage2013 coverage, 2014 coverage.


  • I am not the ‘organiser’, everyone is the organiser! 我並不是組織者,所有參與者均一同有份
  • I am not responsible for anyone’s safety. 我不會為任何人的安全負責
  • Press/media are attending – you agree to be filmed by participating 多個傳媒將會出席採訪,請參與者有被拍攝的準備”

    **Last minute news/changes, check the Facebook page**

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