BLOG – Wonders of the HK Police Masturbatory YouTube Channel

Presenting a mind-numbing selection of clips from the over-produced, little-watched, self-celebratory YouTube channel of the Hong Kong police force.

We kick off with a video of Senior Superintendant David Jordan exalting the behaviour of the police during the Umbrella Movement protests. Jordan, a high-profile fixture on the Occupy site front lines, was the subject of this suspiciously fluffy SCMP profile last year in which he complained of being cyber-bullied.

It is part of a playlist playfully entitled ‘Stay United and Professional in Handling Illegal Occupation’.

The next video is dedicated to Ivan Yam Cheuk-man who is all sheepish and overwhelmed having been hailed as a “police force hero”. (His heroic act? He shared some of his water in Mong Kok).

One video tells the story of the Mong Kok occupy site clearance from a police point of view. It is very different to footage that emerged last week from video journalist Nathan Mauger…

Another video attempts to justify the use of tear gas…

The channel, which has attracted over 10,000 subscribers, features clips ranging from unwatchable, never-ending press conferences to bizarrely mesmerising public information skits (such as ” Unlawfully taking water from fire services street hydrant“)

There is also a playlist of almost 30 “appreciation videos” whereby members of the public heap praise upon the force by recalling personal tales of woe. Break out the popcorn for this incredible story of a lost phone courtesy of Ms Wong…

Most of the videos have just a few hundred views, leaving one to wonder whether they represent value for taxpayer money.

jrm4KIk.jpg (846×472)

By the end of the Umbrella Movement occupations, the hard-won reputation of the Hong Kong police was in the gutter, with approval ratings worse than the People’s Liberation Army. It may take more than a few glossy music videos to rebuilt the trust of the public.

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