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On Friday, authorities in the mainland detained a leading financier of a new  media outlet in the city, Hong Kong Morning News. Kuai Cheyuan is the director of the Hong Kong & Macau Development Strategy Research Centre and is understood to be bankrolling the yet-to-launch newspaper. He is now under investigation after being arrested by officials at the border.

In March, the two local journalists in charge of the start-up were hospitalised following an attack by four masked men wielding metal pipes in Tsim Sha Tsui. Friday’s arrest serves to discredit claims that the attack was unrelated to Hong Kong’s declining press freedom.

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The Morning News recently ran into financial difficulties with many staff members temporarily laid off until mid-June at the earliest.

Kuai Cheyuan

Kuai Cheyuan, who was detained in the mainland after backing a new Hong Kong news outlet, via Tai Kung Pao

The incident in Tsim Sha Tsui came just after ex-Ming Pao editor Kevin Lau was attacked with a cleaver in Sai Wan Ho.

In another recent blow to press freedom, Wang Guangya, director of the Hong Kong & Macau Affairs Office, has ‘urged‘ Hong Kong media to play an “active, positive role” in voicing opposition to Occupy Central.

Wang Guangya

Wang Guangya, via The Guardian.

Al-Jazeera Listening Post offers a primer on recent press freedom developments and demonstrations in Hong Kong. (Hong Wrong is featured at the 08:15 mark).

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