VIDEO – Climbers’ Nauseating Hong Kong Rooftopping Videos 1

Adrenaline-seeking climbers Daniel Lau and Andrew Tso, shot a video with a ‘selfie stick’ 346 metres above Hong Kong…

The clip was shot without safety equipment atop The Centre on Hong Kong Island. The building is 80-storeys high. 

Solicitor Vitus Leung has warned that most Hong Kong rooftops are private property and adventure-seekers may be liable for prosecution.

Daredevil Lau says that a full-length urban exploring video set in Hong Kong and Macau is in the works.

See similar photos from a pair of Russian climbers earlier this year – Part 1 and Part 2.

Hong Kong from above

Via Andrew Tso Photography

Local police and fire fighters have also warned citizens about the dangers of attempting ‘rooftopping’.

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One thought on “VIDEO – Climbers’ Nauseating Hong Kong Rooftopping Videos

  • Polito

    Not wanting to take anything away from these guys, but there seems to be a lot of rooftopping videos/photos bouncing around these days. So many, that I’m starting to wonder if they’re all real. It seems like everyone now has the ability to climb up high buildings and be completely calm with what they’re doing.