ART – Giant Inflatable Dog Shit Coming To HK

This is not a parody of our earlier post about a giant inflatable duck docking in HK – nor is it expressive gift from our new Premier in Beijing. No… Our city really is hosting an actual huge inflatable dog shit and it’s already sat in the pouring rain at West Kowloon Cultural District…

Update: Photos from the festival.

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The shit, entitled ‘Complex Shit’ by Paul McCarthy (USA), is one of several large-scale inflatable sculptures being set up in time for the opening of Mobile+ ‘Inflation’ next Thursday…

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The massive air-filled turd caused havoc in 2008 in Switzerland when it tore from its moorings, began to ascend and damaged power lines. Repaired and back on dry land, it will be one of six inflatable installations dotted around the arts site next week…

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Jeremy Deller – Sacrilege (Inflatable Stonehenge)

Other artists to be featured at Mobile+ ‘Inflation’ include Cao Fei (China), Choi Jeong Hwa (South Korea), Jeremy Deller (UK), Jiakun Architects (China) and Tam Wai Ping (HK).

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Choi Jeong Hwa – Black Lotus. Via WKCD

The two week long free exhibition ‘poses questions about the nature of public art and the ways in which audiences might engage with it.’ Indeed. Although quite how much visitors may wish to ‘interact’ with a novelty over-sized steaming pile of crap is not yet known.

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Jiakun Architects – With the Wind. Via WKCD.

“These works, accompanied by a performance piece by Tomás Saraceno (Argentina), may evoke associations that seem familiar, jarring, or both. Together, they explore the ever-changing notions of nature and artifice, intimacy and monumentality, permanence and temporariness, as well as beauty and the grotesque in the realm of constructed landscapes.” 

The six works will be accompanied by a performance piece by Tomás Saraceno to be staged on May 4th, 25th, and June 8th.

West Kowloon Cultural District Promenade, April 25th – June 9th – entry is free.

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