PHOTOGRAPHY – Joel Odesser’s Hong Kong: ‘Behind the Scenes’

Self-taught French photographer Joel Odesser has a solo show in Kowloon Tong this Autumn. Running until October 11th, ‘Behind the Scenes’ exposes an ‘often forgotten side of Hong Kong’. Click here for his portfolio and here for his FB page.

upGx4UV.png (633×422)

“Resulting from a four-year observation of life in Hong Kong, Behind the Scenes focuses on the responsibilities of urban renewal, and is a pictorial question exploring how standard of living and quality of life, conflict and overlap.”

j2xgH0i.png (634×416)

“Each picture focuses on a person routinely wandering through back alleys. Immersed in the surrounding graphical overload, the figures reflect each of us as city dwellers carrying stories beyond what is found in the frame itself. They reciprocally exchange pressure with the confined urban environment. Meanwhile, taking over from nature, absorbing sunlight, buildings become overwhelming living things. Whether crowded or isolated within the available space, the stronger the tension generated.”

txoCmYl.png (636×419)

ubu1pER.png (634×421)

zfdj9dP.png (634×420)

7quAt0e.png (635×423)

“Hong Kong Lives & Lights’ presents a subset of a different body of work suggesting unusual visual experiences. Patchworks provide an in-frame dialog, which highlights contrasts and tells a story. Long exposure freezes movement in a picturesque merger of layers. Out-of-focus sets a mood by expanding the glow of colours.” Selected works from Hong Kong Lives…

4aOYYQ5.png (623×200)

NywJzS8.png (623×205)

f4DmBBh.png (626×208)

2kFi0ni.png (621×206)

phDVJ9d.png (649×208)

wHXMy77.png (650×206)
More of Joel’s work…

Free Admission.
Art Gallery of Yew Chung International School, 3 To Fuk Road, Kowloon Tong.
Monday to Friday: 3:30pm to 7pm. Saturday 10am to 6pm.
Enquiries: 3975-6835 (school office)

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