NEWS – Student Leader Joshua Wong Arrested

Student protest leader Joshua Wong has been arrested along with four other demonstrators at government headquarters, according to organisers.

Joshua Wong arrested

via InMedia

Joshua Wong arrested

via InMedia

Live feed via  Apple Daily:

Student leader Lester Shum was also arrested.

At least 100 students broke into Civic Square in front of LegCo earlier this evening. The area is public space, but – for months – has been sealed off.

Yvonne Leung of the Hong Kong Federation of Students says that police are set to arrest all of those who breached the barriers surrounding LegCo.

Several were injured during scuffles as police used pepper spray.

Protesters chanted “hope stems from people, change begins with struggle!“, as journalists complained of not being allowed into Civic Square.

The chaotic scenes unfolded on the 30th anniversary of the Joint Declaration being agreed and at the end of a week-long student ‘strike’ for universal suffrage.

Protest leader Alex Chow said 10,000 protesters attended the rally near LegCo today. Police said it peaked at 5,000.

The government issued the following statement at 2:46am:

J02B2fq.png (529×543)

Wong, leader of tthe ‘Scholarism’ student movement, also called for secondary school pupils to join the pro-democracy class boycott this week.

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