POLITICS – The Coolest & Most Inspiring Photos & Videos from the July 1st Rally 17

Organisers estimated that 430,000 people attended Monday’s pro-democracy rally. The police revised their figure to 66,000 whilst Hong Kong University said turnout was between 88,000 and 98,000.

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Hong Wrong’s coverage and photos from Monday’s rally can be viewed here.

via Reuters

Below are some other great photos and videos from other sources…

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via BadCanto

Along one section of the protest route were a compendium of flags Beijing and the local government hate to see… At each end is the British HK colonial flag, which has been adopted by young activists as a symbol of dissent against the mainland, and by those nostalgic for the pre-1997 era. Next from the left is the Taiwanese flag, an area China still believes to be part of the People’s Republic and an entity that some believe represents the real ‘true’ China (pre-CCP). The American flag is said to have made an appearance on Monday after the Snowden affair. And then, we have the Tibetan flag, another province that many believe ought to be independent…

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A time-lapse by Leecat Ho…

A Chinese Communist Party robot sent from Beijing keeps an eye on its subjects…

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A Chinese flag constructed from a bin liner and more colonial flags…

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Only in Hong Kong – possibly the world’s first iPad placard?

A 3-minute time-lapse by The House News website, which makes a mockery of the police’s attendance estimates…

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via @ResearChina

HK’s July 1st rallies are probably the most peaceful protests in the world… How many other demonstrations can boast their own immaculately presented marching band?


Meanwhile, a local app company has released a satirical smartphone game related to the 7.1 protest…

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