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The images below are of animal cruelty, not kindness. Macaques are common in Hong Kong – there are around 1,965 wild monkeys in the territory and most are found in Kam Shan Country Park (‘Monkey Mountain’). Many, however, treat the reservation as a safari park and illegal feeding is on the increase. The spectacle is – by all accounts – disastrous for the actual monkeys…

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Doing so can…

  • Cause rapid and unnatural growth in the monkey population.
  • Result in the monkeys being attracted to areas popular with visitors and residential areas.
  • Make them more aggressive towards visitors, in particular hikers on foot.
  • Cause the monkeys to lose their natural fear of humans and vehicles.
  • Result in monkeys losing their foraging skills in the wild, which is harmful in the long-term.
  • Increase the potential for disease transmission between humans and monkeys.
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The Rhesus Macaques (Macaca mulatta) and Long-tailed Macaques are probable descendants of pets released in the 1920s. First spotted in 1819, the original population of native monkeys likely died out due to habitat destruction and over-hunting.

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HKUST researchers also found that some macaques were released around 1913 in the hope they would eat toxic strychnos plants found around the newly opened Kowloon Reservoir. Concerned the plants would poison the water supply, an unknown party released the monkeys thinking they would consume the plants.

The population was said to have boomed again in the 1960s after a Tibetan acrobat troupe were forced to release their monkeys having been banned from transporting them to their next destination. A report from China Daily…

Anyone found hunting or willingly disturbing wild animals in HK is liable to a fine of HK$100,000 and one year in jail. Despite the potentially heavy penalty, 53 people were convicted for feeding monkeys in 2011. 48 convictions were recorded in the first half of 2012…

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Since 2006, around 38 animals traps have been discovered in the park along with dead feral monkeys injured by sharp objects and loop traps. Around 300 wild monkeys have been hunted and killed since 2009 for resale in the mainland. The myth that such meat is nutritious has been rebuked by the president of the Hong Kong Chinese Herbalists Association.

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However, feeding by the public may potentially have a more devastating long-term effect on the population than hunting…

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Having become accustomed to interacting with humans, the population have already moved further into nearby Tai Wai, terrifying residents and vandalising homes…

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The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) has prohibited the feeding of wild monkeys and other wild animals since 1999…

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The forest has over 100 species of edible leaves and fruit available to the macaques – feeding by the public is unnecessary.

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This footage shot by Hong Wrong in 2006 depicts chaos as a van arrives with black bin bags full of bread…

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  • aublumberg

    Thank you for this post. I run several times a week in the area and monkeys have definitely become a lot more aggressive over the past years.