NEWS – In Pictures: HK’s Own ‘Kim Jong-Un’ Visits Occupy Camp on Halloween

The main Umbrella Movement site in Admiralty received an unusual visitor this Halloween in the form of a Kim Jong-Un lookalike.

The sinister Kim-a-like is actually a 35-year-old local musician named Howard. The Australian Hong Konger is gifted with a striking resemblance to the North Korean dictator.

“Kim”, sporting a new cane, said that Beijing’s proposal for Hong Kong’s 2017 elections is “not much different from the system in North Korea or Iran.

He noted that his ‘subjects’ in North Korea also have one-person-one-vote, though with only one pre-chosen candidate. The system Beijing has planned for Hong Kong allows for only two or three pre-approved candidates to stand.

“I was just in town to pick up my iPhone 6…” he told journalists from Reuters, “Fuck Kenny G, I support the umbrella movement and I support Hong Kong.”

Read HongWrong’s exclusive interview with Kim from earlier this year.

‘Howard’ is thought to be the world’s first Kim Jong-Un impersonator.

“Kim” is available for weddings, bah mitzvahs, funerals or you can hire him to entertain your party guests or scare small children. Visit his Facebook page here.

See more photos of “Kim Jong-Un” on HongWrong.

Referring to Beijing’s plan for universal suffrage in Hong Kong, local democratic politicians have previously said “we are not North Korea”…

Lawmaker Claudia Mo and the Labour Party have also compared Beijing’s 2017 election plan to the model used in the ‘Hermit Kingdom’…

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