INTERVIEW – HK’s Own Kim Jong-Un Impersonator

Australian Hong Konger, ‘Howard’, is the world’s first Kim Jong-Un impersonator. Yesterday, a video of him wowing onlookers in Hong Kong went viral. Hong Wrong spoke exclusively to the man with the world’s most dangerous job…

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Have you tried your impersonation in other cities?

I have only done this in Hong Kong and Tel Aviv.

What is the reaction like from Hong Kongers?

Almost all of them would either smile and laugh and for some a photo opportunity is a must, especially when I went to LKF. Most people are quite surprised.

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What happened at the North Korean consulate? Had you been there before?

I have never been to the North Korean consulate and it was quite hard to find as their address have been moved to what has been published online. Luckily I managed to track it down as it was in the same building as the old address.

hSKdUOe.jpg (221×191)When I arrived I just stood there with a stern look and when the Consulate General saw me he got quite the shock, when he saw the cameraman he instantly shouted at us and hid from view and called security on us, meanwhile I was shouting at him in bad Korean saying “I am Kim Jong Un”.

I was hoping to get to go in and take a picture with him, however this guy had no sense of humour… I would have stayed and shot the footage with me and security having a conflict but I had to go to the South Korea and the us embassy before the day was finished.

Has anyone been genuinely convinced you are the Dear Leader?

Only for the first 30 seconds, to pull this off I would need a bunch of actors with the military gear or body guards.

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Kim considers the humble orange at Park’n’Shop, via FB.

Would you consider going to DPRK or South Korea?

North Korea no, but South Korea would be fun.

How’s business? What kind of gigs have you been hired for?

I have been hired for a commercial for this Israeli burger chain called Burgeranch and I did a publicity stunt as well for them.

I was asked to go over to LA to shoot a commercial with Dennis Rodman, however they could not sort out the working visa within 3 weeks before the date of the shoot so they hired someone else.

Why do you keep your surname under wraps?

It’s good to keep a little bit of mystery and not put all of info out there at once! Makes it a bit more intriguing for the reader.

Cheers Kim! Hope you don’t get shot!

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Check out Kim’s Facebook page here.

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