BLOG – Kim Jong-Un at the Sevens: Photoshop Battle 1

A photo of a Rugby Sevens reveller in Kim Jong-Un get-up hit the front page of Reddit last night, sparking a Photoshop battle over at r/photoshopbattles

CFVs4H3.jpg (720×960)

The imposter is entirely separate to Hong Kong’s full-time Kim lookalike.

9iKjC4S.jpg (617×892)

FK9sBgW.jpg (720×960)

MVqsBxz.jpg (720×521)

cAsaiYq.jpg (1200×1200)

eLNS8i0.png (800×400)

uAyQTld.jpg (950×534)

QK8SKwv.jpg (567×1285)

  • jabalong

    Couldn’t figure out what was going on here as all I saw was Kimg Jong-Il in that first photo, not Kim Jong-Un.

    Just assumed the guy drinking was singer Psy.