PLACES – Official Map of Hong Kong Island’s New Hos

Hong Kong has ‘hos in different area codes‘ following a somewhat annoying hipster trend of renaming up-and-coming districts of HK Island. Some are extremely tenuous/made-up, others seem to be catching on…

Lest you feel unlooped, and never to miss a bandwagon, Hong Wrong exclusively presents a patent-pending, comprehensive map of the  Hong Kong’s Hos. Click to enlarge…

Know Your Hos, Hong Kong - click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Most areas relate to upcoming restaurant districts, as rental prices push eateries away from the traditional Soho area…

  • BOHO – North of Bonham Road.
  • CAIBO – Caine Road to Bonham Road (Sai Wan).
  • LYWY – Lyndhurst to Wyndham Street.
  • NOHO – North of Hollywood Road – click for more info.
  • POHO – Tai Ping Shan / Possession Point – click for more info.
  • SOHO – South of Hollywood Road.
  • SOJO – South of Johnston Road (Wanchai) – click for map/more info.

A useful or ridiculous trend? Comment below if you spot any inaccuracies or have any more to add!

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