ART – Art Inspired by Kowloon Walled City

From Fritz Lang’s 1927 ‘Metropolis’ to Orwell, to Blade Runner – artists have long been fascinated with the dark horrors that a dystopian future represents. For many, Kowloon Walled City (torn down in the 90s by the colonial government) evoked many of these themes and thus, it has inspired many artists. Below are a few highlights.

Click for a detailed visual history of the Walled City and for a glimpse of the City from within.

eyq2pKal.jpg (640×640)

By Jeremy Thompson

FL0FoXcl.jpg (640×421)

By Stefan Herda

KQydck3l.jpg (640×381)

By Androgs on Deviantart

vQUGDLdl.jpg (640×480)

By Keith Perelli – click to enlarge

3v1f8pP.jpg (640×325)

By Kibwe X-Kalibre Tavares, click to enlarge

1Cz8CTcl.jpg (640×361)

By ULTRA-Studios , click to enlarge

By Gaius Draws, click to enlarge


u4bVV2Gl.jpg (640×511)

By Keith Perelli – click to enlarge

37bIWmQl.jpg (640×414)

by Kong Kai Ming

Pr8DzQnl.jpg (640×630)

By Francine Grant

LfTGapm.png (637×314)

By Silverfox5213 on DeviantArt

5RBqYaLl.jpg (640×309)

By tiger1313 on Deviantart

6TjXrJ2l.jpg (640×393)

By Emily Archibald

4vzmGOBl.jpg (640×400)

By Alantsuei on Deviantart

zBgrF.jpg (528×1300)

By HR-FM on Deviantart

TB5P7Sel.png (633×346)

Sculpture by G.O.D.

NrXHIval.png (530×318)

Sculpture by G.O.D.

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