PHOTOGRAPHY – Grit, Grime and Crime: KC Kwan’s Hong Kong 1

Hong Kong photographer Kwan Kam Cheong is currently exhibiting his work at AO Vertical. ‘All About Hong Kong‘ runs until today (Saturday 14th, September).

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For most of the night, KC Kwan holds down a job in printing but, if he gets out of work early, he wanders the streets of Mongkok for hours with his camera. It is a time when Hong Kong it at its most gritty and unglamorous…

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What began as a habit became a hobby, and then an obsession. His body of work is a far cry from the usual shots of ‘Asia’s World City’, which usually focus on its glittering neon lights or iconic harbour…

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He had a humble upbringing himself and says that, “In Hong Kong, if you have no degree, you are nothing… Photography is a way to experience and see the cruel world. Cruelty is part of this world and our lives.”

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He has been described as an insider with “a special talent” and “a pure and genuine eye”…

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He was also the photo book award winner of Asia One’s photo book competition last year.

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His photobook ‘Homebound’ is available at exhibition in Chai Wan…

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