POLITICS – Security Chief Tells Women: ‘Reduce Drinking’ to Get Raped Less 22

Prize fool and HK Security Chief, Lai Tung-Kwok, has advised women to cut down on drinking in order to reduce the city’s soaring rape figures…

“All of these (rape) cases happened between those who know each other. They are either friends, close friends or they just met a few hours ago… Some of these cases also involved the victims being raped after drinking quite a lot of alcohol. So I would ask that young ladies not drink too much.”

The Standard reported on his comments today but failed to call him out on them. Cases of rape have increased 60% to 35 reported incidents in the first quarter of 2013, yet attitudes which blame victims excuse perpetrators and reduce the likelihood of prosecuting rapists.

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Image via SCMP

Netizens on Facebook & Reddit shared their thoughts…

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Whilst these figures are already shocking, the SCMP reported in January that the true figure is vastly higher. 90% of sexual assault cases go unreported according to the Hong Kong Women’s Coalition on Equal Opportunities. Yet, instead of giving tips to women on how to get raped less, the government could be doing a lot more to improve its support system and tackling those responsible. Politicians could begin by talking tough against the actual criminals.

Tan Kong-sau of HK’s rape and sexual violence NGO, Rainlily, told Time Out that few victims report incidents and many blame themselves… “…Sexual matters are still a taboo. People don’t talk about them and the government doesn’t educate people on them. The result is that many of these victims dare not speak out and don’t know where to get help.” Angie Ng of ‘Slutwalk Hong Kong‘ says that the local legal system does not favour victims of sexual violence – many are often told not to pursue cases, thus suffering secondary victimisation.

Slutwalk has held protests specifically against the kind of victim blaming peddled by Tung-Kwok, who appears to misunderstand that alcohol is legal and rape is not…

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via China Daily

Lai ought to understand that rape is not caused by fashion, drinking habits, how women walk or by being in the ‘wrong place’ or ‘not being careful enough’. Rape is caused by rapists and enabled through misogyny, structural violence and institutional tolerance…

Mr Lai would surely love to hear your thoughts at: [email protected]

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Update: SCMP now have an article up on this issue and Lai’s comments are receiving coverage worldwide. Huffington Post, Channel News Asia, Wall Street Journal and The Telegraph have reported on the issue.

Mr Lai’s secretary has responded to Hong Wrong as follows…

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22 thoughts on “POLITICS – Security Chief Tells Women: ‘Reduce Drinking’ to Get Raped Less

  • smog

    This political correctness is getting a bit tedious. It is clear that a substantial proportion of women who are raped are under the influence of alcohol (just as it is clear that a substantial proportion of rapists are under the influence of alcohol). There is no doubt that if women drank less there would be fewer rapes. And also no doubt that if men drank less there would be fewer rapes. That doesn’t make it right, but it is an undeniable fact. It simply isn’t possible reasonably to dispoute the assertion that if women drank less there would be fewer rapes. Making this point does not in any way make one a misogynist. The fact that you try to label him as such simply betrays the fact that you are letting your emotions override your rational mind.

    You would, however, be a good candidate for the NRA. Their “reasoning” goes the same way. (Think about it. If you can’t work it out then ask me for more guidance)

    • Tom

      I’m good for ‘guidance’ thanks. I’ll concede you’ve a point about presuming misogyny – however heavy-handedly made – and I’ll remove the direct reference to Lai.

      • smog

        Thanks Tom – good to see you read the comments! And thanks for your work – some excellent posts, especially about the more remote and historical bits of the town we call home.

        • José

          You are dead wrong , as there are plenty of rape cases and sexual assault in the Muslim world where alcohol is illegal. So it is not an ‘undeniable fact’. FALSE.

          Comparing reasoning to the NRA is completely facetious and besides the point. Classic Straw man fallacy. You also don’t even mention which NRA argument or reasoning is comparable.

          How about if alcohol is made ilegal for woman, but legal for men. According to your reasoning then there would be no rapes or a lot less rape. So therefore, your line of reasoning again, half of HK’s population should not be able to drink as that would keep them safe.

          Ridiculous really.

          • smog

            What? I realise that English isn’t your first language (at least I hope it isn’t), but that’s not what I said at all. Alcohol consumption increases the cases of sexual activity, including cases of rape. If you stop women drinking you’d have less rape. If you stop men drinking you’d have less rape. If you stop anyone drinking you’d have a lot less rape. But you’d still have a lot of rape.

          • ??

            “still have a lot of rapes”-So why would you bother typing any of that?
            And why your ridiculous comment about his English skill? No one is being
            politically correct by saying Lai SHOULD have used his answer to
            threaten potential rapists, and encourage victims to report sexual assaults, INSTEAD of “I would ask that young ladies not drink too much”. A careless, unhelpful, bungling comment, that betrays his thuggish mentality toward women, and as a side swipe, encourages instead of discourages future rapes by allowing them to think “it’s OK, she’s the one who’s done something wrong”. Speaking of having betrayed a thuggish mentality, you’ve done that as well.

          • Mike

            I would never even consider thinking “it’s OK, she’s the one who’s done something wrong” if people like you didn’t tell me that’s what people should think in response to advice such as this

          • ??

            Who said they should? I didn’t, I said they’d be allowed to? The point is if
            you have the secretary for bloddy security shifting the blame to the victims instead of threatening the criminals, you have potential rapists who will
            expect lighter sentences from the courts if they actually assault people
            because they’ll think “she bears part of the responsibility, her skirt was short and she was drunk.” instead of thinking “I’ll do 20 years if I rape this girl, better not”

          • Mike

            I don’t think rapists think that hard about the differences in jail time, in fact I doubt they think about jail time at all — until they’re in court. You might be right that a rapist once caught will go to prison for less time in these cases, but I don’t think that encourages more crime – the crime is serious enough either way that anyone who values their freedom remotely wouldn’t think that a 15 year sentence is okay but a 20 year stint unimaginable.

            This is speculation (from both of us) but I still feel the fact remains that when you are drunk you are more vulnerable. To a whole load of things, muggings and rape are the obvious two at night. To agree that being drunk makes you more vulnerable is only half-a-step away from advising against getting drunk in order to be less vulnerable. Less vulnerable against muggings, injuries and also rape. Out of those three I know which would like least.

  • Mike

    Smog I agree. The same also goes for revealing outfits, the way people react when a politician says “woman should wear less because dressing skimpily attracts sexual harassment” react with “woman should be able to wear what they like”… Well I should be able to park my car and not have it broken into but guess what there are criminals and if I leave my wallet on the dashboard and my car is broken into then you’d have a lot less sympathy than if I had it hidden in the glove compartment. In neither case “should” I have had it stolen, its just in one case I was showing the criminal what he could have if he was willing to break the law to get it.

    Of course rape is wrong, and shouldn’t happen, but the point is it does happen and opportunistic rape is reduced by drinking less and not looking like you’re a porn star… I just think that’s a fact and you can like it or you can hate it but don’t react by telling me what you should be able to do — of course you shouldn’t be raped whatever you do but ffs get real this isn’t the simpsons bad things happen and there ARE things you can do to reduce the chances of it happening to you (in this case not getting lit)

    • Tom

      Ah yes, ‘opportunistic rape’ – totally the worse kind of rape. I hate that type of rape and I’m glad the government is doing something with their drinking and fashion guidelines.

      Indeed, folks are fools for provoking criminals with their dashboard wallets and women are equally terrible for tempting those poor rapists with their fashion choices.

      • Mike

        The government should stop advising us on how to avoid rape and ensure magically that there is never another rape committed ever again, and we shouldn’t have to know any advice because we’d of course always stay in the same country where there is no rape ever. Trebles all round!! (or maybe not this time)

    • ??

      You should park your car in a guarded fort, and women should not only stop drinking, they should wear button up pillows and stay indoors. Good for their complexion too.

  • nexXed

    Did someone just compare wearing a short skirt or drinking with leaving your WALLET displayed in a CAR? Are you F-ing kidding me?

    You are the kind of guy (and you are obviously a guy) who would say a girl was ‘asking for it’. You are the kind of guy that makes me afraid to be out at night.

    • Mike

      Yes, Mike is indeed a mans name. He wouldn’t say a girl was asking for anything, but he would say that you obviously agree with him, by admitting that there are men who assume girls who dress in certain ways are asking for `it’ — therefore, it should be clear, that not dressing in `that way’ is good advice against `those kind of guys’.

      Of course you can reply with those guys should be locked up or whatever but realistically they will always exist, you cannot jail every rapist before their first offence. In an ideal world of course, there would be no need for such advice but sadly there are those kind of guys out there and so, avoiding having them think you’re asking for it is probably better than nothing, no?

      • ??

        Who’s asking for an ideal world? A better one than the one we’ve got would be one where people don’t go around saying “Hey, there’ll always be rapists. Better keep the women inside” and then after that incisive observation, the next thing you do is excuse government ministers (who are meant to have better solutions) for saying the same thing. Really, very very much, NOT an ideal world. Perhaps you should have a think and decide if you had a wife and she had been sexually assaulted, how would that differ from how you’d feel if you’d had your wallet taken out of your car? (Hint: start with the fact that she’s A. PERSON.)

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