VIDEO – Infamous ‘Pick-Up Artist’ Confronted by Hong Konger in Taiwan 12

A ‘professional pick-up artist’ who was the subject of a viral video last month has set local tabloids and online forums alight once more. “David Bond” has been spotted by netizens in Taiwan, where a Hong Kong netizen confronted him about his treatment of local women. In the video, “Bond”, and his friend Alex, backtrack on the original claim that the man in their Lan Kwai Fong video was the girlfriend of the woman they supposedly “stole”.

Meanwhile, photos of their continuing ‘Asian tour’ have also emerged on Hong Kong’s popular Golden Forum.

LFK Pick Up Artist

LFK Pick Up Artist ‘David Bond’ in Taiwan, via Golden Forum

The pair have been accused of racial discrimination for fetishising and disrespecting Asian women, particularly in their Japan video compilation. A ‘Respect Women in Asia‘ Facebook campaign was launched in response to the original video, though administrators were made to remove personal information.

In a poorly staged follow-up to the original video posted last week, “Bond” apparently has a girl ‘stolen’ from him by a Chinese local.

David Bond

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12 thoughts on “VIDEO – Infamous ‘Pick-Up Artist’ Confronted by Hong Konger in Taiwan

  • asian don draper

    pick up artist and being a blond albino in asia…. someone show him how hard that struggle is to pick up naive asian women please.

  • plasticvicar

    The sad thing is that all this attention being lavished upon him is merely going to help him pick up more girls due to the mere fact that he is somewhat famous now. Girls love fucking famous people, even those who are famous for all the wrong reasons.

    If local guys (especially the whiny troglodytes at Golden) simply ignored him, he will be just another expat barhopping between girls. Now they have made him into this mythical ‘David Bond, every Asian boyfriend’s worst nightmare’ caricature, one he now stands to profit from both sexually, egotistically and maybe even financially due to youtube ad revenue.

  • Louise

    I can’t believe the audacity of this guy’s behaviour – like animals in a freekin zoo – and people just watch on as Mr Bond (!?! what a joke!) slimily tugs this game Chinese lady away from her boyf in LQF. There are many issues here. At the end of the day, David ‘Bond’ and friend are two under-average looking guys who are taking advantage of their ‘exotic look’ and are no way positive ambassadors of their own people. Crass.

  • Daniel Basson

    would we really call them famous? their just attention seekers and they look at this as some sort of achievement, seriously guys get a life

  • ibanking

    The faggot’s a little midget. He’s an inch taller than those asian school girls. Are they so pathetic as to have to sarge on foreign soil? Go back to you own country (where no one here wants you).

  • resoundecho

    As an Asian woman, I want to ask….why no one talked about those women on the clip at lwf…who are apparent ridiculous. Or am i all alone here?

  • LLB

    what are you looking to talk about? all their names and personal information was digged up and their family harrassed endlessly already. i think they learned a huge lesson (maybe).

  • Tee Kei

    nah. something tells me you’re an expat yourself trying to take some heat off a bro. not happening hahaha