POLITICS – New HK PSA: Shut Up and Love China 6

A new creepy Public Service Announcement encouraging Hong Kongers to “protect our treasured Motherland” is attracting ‘dislikes’ on YouTube. It contains the usual HK PSA tropes and themes following the standard format of ‘highly-contrived-family-conversation-in-a-park‘. Click here for more cringe-inducing government ads, and here for a trip down PSA memory lane.

Chung Kwok-yan: Hong Kong is our home. We should protect it!

Sister: Under “One Country, Two Systems”, Hong Kong is an integral part of China, our treasured motherland.

Chung Kwok-yan: When I grow up, I’ll protect our motherland.

Dad: Great aspirations!

Mum: We don’t need to serve in the army. The Central Authorities look after Hong Kong’s defence.

Sister: How about military expenses?

Dad: Under the Basic Law, Hong Kong has independent finances and need not hand over revenue or pay military expenses.

Chung Kwok-yan/All: I see! China and Hong Kong are one family!

Narrator: All these flow from the Basic Law Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau.

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Chung Kwok-yan also stars in a follow-up commercial in which highly obnoxious and perfect school children along with their misleadingly hot teacher celebrate the various virtues of the hallowed Basic Law. Sick bags on standby.

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