POLITICS – Why Are Hong Kongers are Going Crazy for ‘Lufsig’ the Toy Wolf? 1

‘Lufsig’ – a toy wolf from IKEA – flew off the shelves over the weekend, with all HK stores reporting ‘no stock’ remaining…

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via United Social Press

It follows farcical scenes at a North Point town hall meeting where Financial Secretary John Tsang was hit by an egg…

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…and a HK$99 ‘lufsig’ toy was hurled at CY Leung by a member of the League of Social Democrats…

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HK’s leader is often accused of being a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing‘ and ‘lufsig’ sounds like ‘mother’s cunt‘ in Cantonese. Despite this, IKEA have said they have no plans to discontinue the product.

The public-forum-turned-circus was held to discuss the upcoming budget and policy address. Two men suspected of being egg/wolf hurlers were arrested, whilst hell money – a grave insult when offered to the living – was also thrown around inside and outside the auditorium…

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Heavy security and a large police presence have been necessary whenever Leung appears in public. Outside the forum, a protester wielding the British colonial flag – a symbol of HK’s post-80s resistance movement – was injured, allegedly by police…

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via Oriental Daily and United Social Press

Chan Ching-sum – face of the astroturf pro-government group ‘Caring Hong Kong Power’ – smugly ripped up a colonial flag during the protests. (Netizens reactions on BadCanto blog)…

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via Apple Daily

More shots from the weekend’s protests…

via Raphael Wong

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Nathan Tsui, United Social Press

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Peter Wong

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Rayman Cheuk, United Social Press

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Nathan Tsui, United Social Press

Later in the day, Leung asked Tsang not to comment on ‘egg-gate’, promising that the government would ‘pursue their legal liability’…

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via UShare

Meanwhile, ‘Lufsig’ has attracted a loyal Facebook following of around 20,000 fans.

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Dozens are available on TaoBao, with the plush novelty reaching levels of popularity comparable to that of Grass Mud Horse on the mainland.

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The toy will be back in stock in January. IKEA say that 10% of proceeds from each purchase goes to UNICEF.

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