BLOG – Nick Cage’s Macau Microphone Menagerie Sparks Photoshop Battle

Last month, Nic Cage popped up in Macau, only to face an onslaught of microphone ‘flags’ from HK and Chinese media outlets…

Earlier this year, South Korean actress Ku Hye-sun was photographed at HK’s Moon Gallery in a similar situation…

GpCtHQ1.png (597×426)

It was not long before users set to work on the Cage photo – below are a few highlights…

GhsHEZcl.jpg (640×427)

via Reddit user ‘gang_vape’

xTLmh7sl.jpg (640×427)

via Reddit user ‘defdac’

fg4BZ47l.jpg (640×427)

via Reddit user ‘ThomasdH’

HrKRHP7l.jpg (640×427)

via Reddit user ‘Darrrik’

QaJ3d7dl.jpg (640×427)

via Reddit user ‘DoomgooeyKK’

Cage has previously stated that he would like to relocated to hk: “I want a base in Asia, and I decided that Hong Kong would be the perfect place for me to have a life.” 

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