NEWS – One Night in Mong Kok: Photos of the Chaos

There were scuffles and brawls in Mong Kok last night as police deployed pepper spray and batons against pro-democracy protesters. Police say 9000 demonstrators were present. See or @tomgrundy on Twitter to see how the night unfolded.

After footage¬†was broadcast this week of police beating a protester in a dark corner of Tamar Park, many in Mong Kok heckled police, shouting ‘triads!’. Some held pictures of those suspected of beating the Civic Party activist Ken Tsang.

On several occasions, police suddenly pushed into protesters holding umbrellas whilst blindly wielding batons. Although police unfurled warning signs saying ‘stop charging’, the protesters pictured below were not pushing forward. There is around 5 seconds between the two photos.

An Oriental Daily journalist, Robson Chan, is pepper-sprayed at close range by police whilst attempting to protect a female colleague.

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