PLACES – Chi Lin Nunnery & Nan Lian Gardens

Chi Lin Nunnery and neighbouring Nan Lian Gardens rank 4th and 8th place respectively on TripAdvisor’s top 400 local attractions. 

Yet the sites, which are within walking distance of Diamond Hill MTR (Exit C), remain curiously off the radar for many Hong Kongers.

The nunnery is a large 33,000 square metre Buddhist temple complex founded in 1934 and rebuilt in the 90s.

It is unique in HK in that it features traditional Tang Dynasty architecture with an interlocking wooden frame assembled without the use of iron nails.

Both sites have somewhat of a modern and sanitised atmosphere about them and are heavily policed by security guards. Plans to add the 16-year-old site to the Unesco world heritage list were mocked as advisors questioned the ‘fake antiquity’ and value of the gardens.

Both attractions are open daily and are free entry. There is a highly recommended vegetarian restaurant behind the waterfall in the gardens, with meals from around HK$100.

How to get to Chi Lin Nunnery and Nan Lian Gardens: Follow signs from Diamond Hill MTR, Exit C…

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