VIDEO – Is this Hong Kong? The Naturescape Beyond the Metropolis

Using a Canon 5D2, Francis So spent 5 months creating a remarkable time-lapse video highlighting a different side of Hong Kong…

Responding to news of a legislator’s suggestion to build housing developments within country parks, Francis said “I cannot think of anything to say, except to make a video about Hong Kong’s country parks, to show the innate beauty to the general public… I just wish that this video can arouse all your attention, to take action and to conserve our country parks for the sake of our next generation.”

The places featured in the video include: Lugard Road, Po Toi Island, Shek O Country Park, Cape D’Aguilar Marine Reserve, Tai Mo Shan Country Park, Sai Kung East Country Park and Lantau North Country Park.

dFB6Unrl.png (640×325)

Our city is 60% protected countryside – the highest proportion of any state.

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Find more of Francis’s work on Facebook or YouTube.

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Click here for 8 more time-lapse videos. Photos below from HangGrafitti:

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